Oman Tourism

Rising Popularity of Oman Tourism

For a vacation destination like no other, a visit to the Sultanate of Oman should definitely top the list. With landscapes including sea sides, mountain ranges and deserts, this friendly country truly has something for everyone. Visit terraced gardens fed by mountain springs. Watch a camel race or enjoy Oman’s beautiful coastline. Whatever your pleasure, Oman tourism is alive and well. The Omani people are friendly and welcoming.

Beachgoers have several magnificent beaches to choose from. A number of large hotels are located near the AlQurm Area beaches. Ras Al Hadd Beach, located about 60 kilometers from Sur City is home to a turtle reserve where turtles lay an estimated 6,000 to 13,000 eggs. Spectacular rock formations and bays abound, creating havens for birds and humans!

Mutrah Corniche is located near one of the most vital ports in Oman. Port Sultan Qaboos may be one of the more gorgeous sites in Oman, overlooking spectacular mountains and rock formations. From this beach, one may enjoy the sea or admire the city’s ancient buildings.

Of course, Oman tourism encompasses much more than beaches. To the north lie the Al Hajar Mountains. In the south, visitors can experience the Dhofar Governorate Mountains. Slopes on Jabal Shams lead travelers to the mountain’s peak. Oman tourism is proud of its tourist guest homes where visitors can relax and enjoy the views and serenity of this area.

History buffs will thoroughly enjoy the antiquity of Oman. The Wadi Al Ayn Tombs are believed to date back to well before Christ. Archaeologists date Al Balid City back to more than 2000 BC. Its prosperity is believed to have begun in the Iron Age. Historians equate Hasat Bin Salt with the Rosetta Stone, the inscriptions on the ancient Hasat Bin Salt dates back to the dawn of history. This area, by the way, is situated in what is considered one of the most beautiful areas in Wilayt At Hamra.

A variety of caves exist in Oman, just waiting to be explored. One of the most magnificent caves is Majlis Al Jinn Cave. It has been referred to as one of the most beautiful wonders in the world. Oman tourism resources can direct visitors to this hidden cave.

Oman tourism can also offer more modern attractions. Sporting events include sailing, football, camel and horse racing. The beautiful waters attract divers, sailors, swimmers and fishermen. For the more lay-back guest, hours can be spent just soaking up nature. Bird watching and turtle watching are favorite pastimes in Oman.

Oman has dedicated itself to becoming a favorite tourist destination. With the combination of sun, sea and sand it has the primary ingredients necessary to made Oman tourism a high priority on every traveler’s list. The country has expanded its accommodations to include something for the traveler on a budget and the traveler for whom money is no object.

Considering the location of Oman, potential visitors may ask about security. To date, no U.S. citizen or facility has been the victim of even the slightest act of terrorism. Visitors are urged to take normal safety precautions including registering with the U.S. embassy when arriving in Oman. Perhaps the greater danger comes from the weather. Travelers are urged to be prepared for the extreme heat, particularly when embarking on travel through the desert areas. Feel free to travel the deserts, even in summer, but use good sense and prepare for intense heat.

Oman is a friendly and inviting country. As in any foreign country, visitors should respect the customs of the people. Enjoy your stay and come back again soon!