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The formal name of the Sultanate of Oman has been shortened to “Oman” by most of the world. It is a relatively small area located on the southeastern Arabian Peninsula on the Gulf of Oman. Its nearest neighbors are The United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. With an area of just over 119,000 square miles, it is the approximate size of the state of New Mexico. The Omani people are predominantly Arab and exist in organized tribes. The sultan rules both advisory bodies of Oman; the government and the state. Oman is a hereditary monarchy.

Its rich history dates back thousands of years, with scientists dating its human habitation back to the Stone Age. Oman existed under the rule of a number of other countries until 1741 when the current royal lineage was established. The Portuguese and Turks ruled this hot, arid country for many years. Late in the 18th century, Oman established strong ties with Great Britain, creating some of the European influences seen today.

In 1970, Sultan Qaboos bin Said exiled the country’s sultan. Until this time, Oman was a nation completely closed to visitors. The country was poor and under-developed. Under the new Sultan’s authority and leadership, Oman developed its education and public works systems. The Omani people welcome tourists, but tourists should be aware of unsettled political conditions throughout the region. Due to an expansive infrastructure, the roads in Oman are excellent. As a major seaport, Oman boasts a modern port.

Oman sits proudly along the Arabian Sea and is home to the Hajar Mountains. The terrain is primarily sandy desert. Oman has a developing mixed economy, with petroleum production and export being its largest contributor.

Oman enjoys a close relationship with the United States, but relations with neighboring countries such as Yemen are tenuous. During the Persian Gulf War, Oman joined with the United Nations and the Arab league and cooperated with the allied forces opposing Iraq. It continues to expand its diplomacy efforts. Full coverage of political and economic events can be found at Oman News.

There is little change in the Omani weather forecast from day to day. Only during December, January and February do temperatures rarely fall below 70 degrees. Summer temperatures average over 90 degrees daily with 100 degree days common. Rain is rare throughout Oman. Less than three inches fall across Oman yearly. Humidity is high, reaching 80% in August. When weather conditions change or warrant attention, Oman news is your best source for accurate weather information.

Oman is an inviting destination for tourists, but visitors are urged to keep abreast of the political climate throughout the area. Oman news reports the latest and most accurate information on the political front. To date, there have been no reports of U.S. facilities or citizens subjected to any type of terrorist attack, but all visitors are urged to maintain a heightened level of awareness. From time to time, Oman is closed to tourists due to political unrest in neighboring countries. Look to Oman News to provide the most accurate information.

One of the more popular sports in Oman is dhow racing. A dhow is a traditional Arabian sailing vessel. Oman’s seaside location makes it the ideal spot for dhow racing enthusiasts. The traditional camel racing continues to be one of the areas more popular sporting events. Ranking right up there with camel racing is the racing of Arabian horses. The wealthy Omani people engage in falconry. Bowing to the modern, Omanis indulge in waterskiing and sand-surfing. Football, rugby and soccer are becoming more popular with the Omani people. Look to the Oman News for the latest on a variety of sports activities taking place throughout Oman.

Petroleum development continues to be a primary area for technological advances in Oman. Off-shore drilling has been initiated in some areas and technology in this area is evolving. Oman’s health care is some of the most advanced in the region. Innovations in health care technology are advancing rapidly. As in most other parts of the world, Oman is incorporating the use of technology into virtually every aspect of the business and personal world. For the latest technological advances in Oman, the Oman News reports on technology from a number of fronts.

For entertainment, the number of nightclubs is limited with most nightlife confined to several area hotels. Modern movie theaters in Shatti Al-Qurm and Ruwi show contemporary Arabian, English and Indian films. Nightlife is relatively quiet in Oman except for Salalah. Before the rainy season (July and August), Salalah is bustling with festival activities. When there is entertainment news in Oman, readers can find the latest information in the Oman News.

For the latest in business, turn to Oman News. Petroleum, banking and shipping continue to be the major business venture in this area, but as a developed nation, expanded business opportunities are being unveiled regularly. As business news develops, Oman News is the best source for up to the minute information.

For the latest in Oman news along with political, travel, business, weather, sports, entertainment and technology news, is your best and most reliable source for current news.

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